Helping our clients review their Insurance policies and maintain the proper Insurance coverage is a major goal here at Westrock Insurance. At Westroock Insurance we always offer the best combination of Premium savings and enhanced coverage options based on combining the Auto, Home, & Umbrella Insurance Policies with one Insurance company.

Top 4 Reasons for a policy review?

1. A major life event, such as:

2. Home renovation- chances are your current coverage is not adequate if you recently remodeled your home or added an addition. Anytime during the renovation process would be a good time to reach out for a review, although we recommend reaching out before the work has begun to ensure that you have the best coverage and protection.

3. Discounts!! Who doesn’t love a discount? For example: If you recently installed a new alarm system on yor home, you are entitled to a discount. If your child has good grades, there is a good student discount. If you took a defensive driving course, in some states the credit on your auto policy is up to 10%.

4. New Coverages offered! Insurance companies are starting to offer new coverages and typically in the first quarter of the year they get approval from the Insurance Departments to offer these coverages.Now is a great time to review your policy!

Call us at (845) 638-2300 today to review your insurance policies!

*To our Current customers, we typically review your insurance 30-60 days before your policy renewal date.*