Renters’ Insurance

Renters’ Insurance

When you rent your house or apartment, it makes sense to protect your possessions. Renters’ insurance can cover the full replacement cost of your property, saving thousands of dollars in the event of a fire, theft, or damage from severe storms.

Why You Need Renters’ Insurance

Apartment renters often think that since they may own fewer belongings than someone who owns a house, and that it would not be worthwhile for them to purchase insurance for the replacement cost. Yet, most belongings are usually worth more than you think. Consider any computers, electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, maybe even something particularly valuable like an engagement ring, art collection or musical instrument that you own. Should anything happen to your possessions, the cost to replace them will quickly add up.

Did you know that you could be held responsible for injury to another person or damage to another person's property if an accident occurred within your rented residence? Without liability coverage, your current and future earnings could be at risk. Renters’ insurance coverage may also provide legal defense costs.

The structure in which you live may be insured by the landlord, but it will not cover your possessions or your liability in the case of accidents (for example, a fire starting on your stove). A renters’ insurance policy will have you covered, whether someone is injured in your home, or for damage resulting from fire, theft, or severe weather.

What Does Renters’ Insurance Cover?

If you purchase a renters’ coverage policy, you will be covered for damage to personal property from fire, lightning and storms, freezing of water pipes, and theft.

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