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Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but with some helpful tips and tricks, it can be a lot easier and more efficient. Whether you work from home or in an office, here are some spring cleaning tips:

  1. Declutter: Start by getting rid of any unnecessary items that have accumulated over time, such as old paperwork, broken equipment, and outdated supplies. Create designated areas for items that need to be thrown away, recycled, or donated.
  2. Organize: Once you've decluttered, organize the remaining items in a way that makes sense for your workflow. For example, arrange frequently used items within arm's reach and less frequently used items in a storage closet.
  3. Clean surfaces: Wipe down all surfaces in your office, including desks, chairs, shelves, and electronics, with a disinfectant cleaner. Don't forget to clean your computer keyboard, mouse, and phone.
  4. Clean floors: Vacuum or sweep the floors, and mop them if necessary. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to deep-clean your carpets.
  5. Refresh the air: Open windows to let fresh air in, and use air purifiers to improve the air quality in your office.
  6. Rearrange furniture: Consider rearranging your office furniture to improve the flow and make better use of the space.
  7. Get help: If you don't have the time or resources to tackle a deep clean on your own, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

Remember, the key is to stay organized, focused, and to break down the cleaning tasks into manageable chunks.

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Pool Safety Tips from Westrock Insurance

It's the middle of summer, and 2022 has been a HOT one. Homeowners are getting the most out of their pools this year - so our friends on the Westrock Insurance team want to take this opportunity to pass along these pool safety tips: 

1.    Never let anyone swim alone, especially children
2.    Keep lifesaving equipment in the pool area
3.    Have secure fencing around the pool with a self-locking entrance; make sure a child cannot climb or squeeze through the fence
4.    Place locks high on access doors and gates so that young children cannot easily (or accidentally) enter the pool area unsupervised
5.    Consider alarms on access doors (and/or a pool entry alarm) so that someone (especially a child) cannot enter the pool area (or pool) without appropriate supervision
6.    Remove ladders for above ground pools when not in use

Enjoy your pool safely during this blazing hot summer of 2022!


Helping our clients review their Insurance policies and maintain the proper Insurance coverage is a major goal here at Westrock Insurance. At Westroock Insurance we always offer the best combination of Premium savings and enhanced coverage options based on combining the Auto, Home, & Umbrella Insurance Policies with one Insurance company.

Top 4 Reasons for a policy review?

1. A major life event, such as:

  • A newly licensed driver
  • Started a new job, where you commute more or commute less or work from hom
  • Empty nest
  • Child in college without a car (Companies offer student away and good student credits)
  • Did you start an in-home business
  • Purchased an expensive gift for the Holidays
  • Paid off your mortgage
  • Paid off your automobile loan

2. Home renovation- chances are your current coverage is not adequate if you recently remodeled your home or added an addition. Anytime during the renovation process would be a good time to reach out for a review, although we recommend reaching out before the work has begun to ensure that you have the best coverage and protection.

3. Discounts!! Who doesn’t love a discount? For example: If you recently installed a new alarm system on yor home, you are entitled to a discount. If your child has good grades, there is a good student discount. If you took a defensive driving course, in some states the credit on your auto policy is up to 10%.

4. New Coverages offered! Insurance companies are starting to offer new coverages and typically in the first quarter of the year they get approval from the Insurance Departments to offer these coverages.Now is a great time to review your policy!

Call us at (845) 638-2300 today to review your insurance policies!

*To our Current customers, we typically review your insurance 30-60 days before your policy renewal date.*


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disability insurance






Every employer should know the importance of Enhanced Disability
New York is one of a handful of states that require employers to provide
disability benefits coverage to employees for an off-the-job injury, pregnancy, or
illness. The Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (Article 9 of the WCL)
provides weekly cash benefits to replace, in part, wages lost due to injuries or
illnesses that do not arise out of or in the course of employment (WCL §204).
However, this is only 50% of your employee’s wages for the last eight weeks
worked, and it cannot exceed the maximum benefit of $170 per week, which is
typically not enough to cover your employee’s monthly expenses.
Available Enhanced Disability Benefits:
1. Employers can enhance disability coverage beyond the state maximum of
$170 per week, that’s right, you can increase the weekly benefit for your
employee up to FIVE times the NYS DBL limit; that’s a 26 week benefit of
up to $850 per week.
2. Adding an Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider of up to $100,000;
would provide 24/7 coverage for accidents or illnesses on or off the job
3. In Hospital Rider, up to $170 per week
4. Paid Family Leave (PFL) Rider
As an employer (small business, corporate etc.) you should review your current
Disability Benefits policy and look into the many Enhanced Disability Benefits
that are available. Having an enhanced policy could help you stay competitive
and maintain current employees as well as attract new talent. We all know that
in this present time it is hard to attract and keep employees.

More Coverage… More Choice
Call Westrock Insurance for a Policy Review

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Does YOUR business need Cyber Liability?

One in four businesses has experienced a cyber event …

Whether identity theft involves credit cards, bank accounts, business or personal loans, government benefits, or other types of transactions; it carries significant risk of financial loss to the victim.

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Understanding Replacement Cost on Homeowners Insurance

Over half of the homes in the USA are underinsured*.
*Marshall & Swift/Boeckh

Surprising, right?
This is because home insurance policies are believed to provide coverage based on what you paid for your home or
its market value, as opposed to your home’s replacement value. Understanding the difference between the two is
important when making sure your coverage is adequate.

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COVID-19 and Homeowners Insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused so much disruption in many aspects of society and our daily lives.
Continue reading to learn more about things you should know, consider and/or change with your insurance policy.
During COVID, the cost of building materials and labor have increased substantially due to the lack of available
materials. Some lumber and other building materials have quadrupled in price. This means that your Homeowners
Insurance policy coverage and limits, should be reviewed with your agent to verify that you have adequate
coverage in place before a loss occurs.

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Why you need Employee Practices and Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Business owners of all sizes are vulnerable to claims /suits from their employees. Small Businesses are often the most vulnerable. Why? Because typically small businesses lack a legal department or an employee handbook detailing policies and procedures that guide hiring, disciplining, or termination. Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides coverage to employers against claims made by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other issues such as failure to promote.

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Are your Personal Articles Covered?

Did you receive a new Jewelry item over the Holidays? Maybe you received a piece of fine art? Either way, do you know if your valuables are appropriately covered in the event of a loss? Your Homeowners/Renters insurance usually has basic coverages for personal property. But high valued items are subject to certain limits when not scheduled.

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Have You Thought of Insuring Your Bicycle?

As any cyclist knows, the average cost of bikes can be several hundred or thousands of dollars. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies may cover your bicycle, but these have high deductibles and may leave you having to pay nearly all of the out-of-pocket cost of repairing or replacing your trusty bike. In addition, any claims you make for your bike may affect your home’s insurability and future premiums. The logical question is: “Can I get separate insurance for my bicycle?” The answer is yes.

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