The coronavirus pandemic has caused so much disruption in many aspects of society and our daily lives.
Continue reading to learn more about things you should know, consider and/or change with your insurance policy.
During COVID, the cost of building materials and labor have increased substantially due to the lack of available
materials. Some lumber and other building materials have quadrupled in price. This means that your Homeowners
Insurance policy coverage and limits, should be reviewed with your agent to verify that you have adequate
coverage in place before a loss occurs.

However, do not fret! While COVID-19 has brought many things to a stand-still, homeowners insurance claims are
still being handled at the same degree they were before the pandemic. Most insurance companies are still
responding to claims and are helping customers 24/7. There may be fewer adjusters working in the field, which
means many claims are being handled virtually to limit the exposure of the coronavirus and most of their claim’s
representatives are working from home, to provide around the clock service to their customers.
Below are a few things you should consider when reviewing your homeowner’s policy:

- Should I increase my liability coverage?

Personal liability coverage protects you if cause injury to another
person or damage their property. It would not hurt to increase your liability coverage and the cost to do so is
usually very minimal. With more people at home and delivery services on the rise, such as groceries and
take out; it is highly likely that your neighborhood is much busier. We typically recommend at least $300,000
in personal liability (with higher limits up to $1,000,000 depending on the company).

- Should I add any coverage during the pandemic?

Your Homeowners insurance policy should be
sufficient, however working from home or having children at home doing remote school, has many
homeowners facing shortages of certain household products that are needed daily. In the beginning of the
pandemic, there was a shortage of paper goods, which caused many people to use alternatives that could
potentially clog your sewer system. Sewer backup claims are on the rise! We would recommend adding this
helpful coverage or check with us to verify that you have this coverage in place, so you are not stuck with a
huge bill if this happens to you. Speak with us to go over your insurance policy.

-What are some other coverages I should consider?

Many people are still working from home, why not
consider a home-business endorsement or a separate policy for your business. Adding this coverage is
beneficial in a few ways: protecting clients, protecting your office equipment, etc.

-How can I save money on my homeowners insurance?

Call us to go over your policy, pay attention to what coverages you have, ask about available discounts, or increase                                      your deductible. We would be happy to review your policy and even check with other companies to ensure that you have the most competitive
pricing. We typically recommend a policy review 30-60 days before your policy renews but are willing and
ready to review your policy and go over any concerns you may have now.

-What are some other recommended endorsements I should consider on my policy?

There are plenty:
Refrigerated/Freezer Food coverage, Deductible Waivers for large claims, Service Line, Equipment
Breakdown, Water Back-up (as mentioned above), Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage, Ordinance
and Law, just to name a few!

Many homeowners are concerned about what to expect once the pandemic is over, at Westrock Insurance, we like to
collaborate with our clients to help them find the best type of coverage, at affordable premiums. Our goal is to be sure
that your policy fits your needs and that it is sufficient to rebuild your home after a major loss.
If you or your loved ones are experiencing any financial hardships due to the pandemic, please call our office to
explore the available options provided by your specific insurance carrier. It is important to us to make sure that you
and your family are adequately protected during these tough times.