It's the middle of summer, and 2022 has been a HOT one. Homeowners are getting the most out of their pools this year - so our friends on the Westrock Insurance team want to take this opportunity to pass along these pool safety tips: 

1.    Never let anyone swim alone, especially children
2.    Keep lifesaving equipment in the pool area
3.    Have secure fencing around the pool with a self-locking entrance; make sure a child cannot climb or squeeze through the fence
4.    Place locks high on access doors and gates so that young children cannot easily (or accidentally) enter the pool area unsupervised
5.    Consider alarms on access doors (and/or a pool entry alarm) so that someone (especially a child) cannot enter the pool area (or pool) without appropriate supervision
6.    Remove ladders for above ground pools when not in use

Enjoy your pool safely during this blazing hot summer of 2022!