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Understanding Replacement Cost on Homeowners Insurance

Over half of the homes in the USA are underinsured*.
*Marshall & Swift/Boeckh

Surprising, right?
This is because home insurance policies are believed to provide coverage based on what you paid for your home or
its market value, as opposed to your home’s replacement value. Understanding the difference between the two is
important when making sure your coverage is adequate.

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COVID-19 and Homeowners Insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused so much disruption in many aspects of society and our daily lives.
Continue reading to learn more about things you should know, consider and/or change with your insurance policy.
During COVID, the cost of building materials and labor have increased substantially due to the lack of available
materials. Some lumber and other building materials have quadrupled in price. This means that your Homeowners
Insurance policy coverage and limits, should be reviewed with your agent to verify that you have adequate
coverage in place before a loss occurs.

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